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The hike in to see False Kiva was planned for some time before hand. I had gathered information about the hike. Had GPS coordinates to False Kiva and knew where to park. Google Earth also shows where this is located and the locations on where you will need to park to start your hike. I meet up with two other fellow photographers on this day I knew from a photo forum we hang out on. They had purchased a book and also had good directions on how to get here along with the trail descriptions. Before we started off we also checked into the rangers station at Island in the Sky District of the Canyonlands. False Kiva is considered a “Class 2” archaeological site and they are required to give you information on how to find it. They were more than helpful on giving us more pointers to the place. I had read on some websites you almost had to insist on getting the directions from them. This was not the case at all.


Once you get the parking spots nailed down, it is pretty easy to find the trail that leads you to False Kiva. The trail is pretty easy in the beginning until you get to the canyon rim. From here you need to have come to grips with any fear of heights you might have. The actual decent into the canyon is tricky and strenuous and coming back out is even worse. Take plenty of breaks and make sure of your footing. As you climb down, up to your right you can make out the cove in the canyon wall where you will need to get to. You actually hike under False Kiva on a small two foot wide ledge that’s is a pathway to a small group of trees. From there the trail head up a pretty steep incline of loose dirt and rocks. Be careful here. One of my friends called it quits here and did not go that last bit to actually see False Kiva due to his fear of heights.

You do not have much room up in the alcove where False Kiva sits. Make sure to have a really wide angle lens with you for the shot. I carried a 15mm fisheye and a 16 – 35mm Canon lens for my shots. I also took a few shots with my camera that was converted to infrared.

There is not real official trail head to False Kiva. You will not find it on a map and the trail is not marked with any cairns. But anyone can easily follow the pathway that will lead you all the way to the canyon drop off. Even from there, the footprints of many other people before you can easily guide you all the way in to see it.